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  • Implementing using industry standards and experience.
  • Trained & certified resources.
  • Have successfully implemented for project in India and Globally.
  • Having certified resource of CISA, CISM, CISSP.
  • Cyber sercurity activity as per the RFP section. All cyber security documentation and submission.
  • Datacentre preparation for including PCI-DSS, ISO20000, ISO27001.
  • Complete design and interoperatibility between City Datacentre & Cloud service provider.
  • Arrange cyber security and certification by Cert-in panelled organization.
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Cloud Service

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Project 1: DC On-Premise and DR Deployment on AWS

In XXX, DC was deployed with services like VM, Storage, Network and Security. It has multiple components like server, SAN storage, Load Balancer, SAN switch, Firewall, router and backup appliances.

DR was configured on the AWS, DC to DR connection is established using Direct connect and created VPN over IPsec tunnel. The services like 53 storage, EC2 instances, VPS, Load Balancer, AWS Shield, AWS WAF, Route 53, Autoscaling groups, Amazon RDS, Lambda function etc. are being used in the AWS to provide a similar service in the DC and maintain the business continuity during Disaster at DC.

Project 2: DC Private Cloud on vCloud and DR on Microsoft Azure

In XXX, the private cloud infrastructure was created using VMware cloud for different layer Software like application, database and webservers and under load balancer for high availability and better performance. There are mupltiple isolated subnets created to increase security and all servers were configured behind the firewall.

The DR for these servers was created in Microsoft azure. An express route was configured between DC and azure for highspeed connection for data replication. Services line transit Vnet, transit gateway, blob storage. Virtual Machine, Subnet, WAF, Application gateway. Azure DDoS protection load balancing, Azure firewall manager, Azure DNS Azure defender, Azure Backup, archive storage are used. There are mupltiple IPsec VPNs are configured in transit Vnet to access the resources on Azure form different offices.

Project 3: Private Cloud OpenStack Deployment

In XXX Data centre private cloud was built using RedHat OpenStack for around 350 workloads.

Here the services like Nova, Keystroke, Neutron, Swift, glace are created to clustered nodes to avoid a single point of failure. The services can be monitored using Ceillometer and orchestrated using Heat and the dashboard is Horizon. It also has multiple subnets and storage configured through Cinder.

Project 4: GCP & AWS Deployment

For XXX we have configured services in AWS for primary use. Here we have used services like VPC, security group, cloud front, elastic load balancer, AWS shield for web components. Amazon Dynamo DB, Amazon AMI, AMI, Load balancer, Amazon Bean Stack, Amazon Elastic Search, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon redshift for developing the applicatio. Amazon Aurora, Memcached for database services.

Amazon mesh, route 53, Amazon transit gateway for network components and configuring VPC from the NTT offices to access the resources with minimal latency.

We have created the passive services in the GCP as a business continuity plan. Connection between AWS and GCP was established using a VPN gateway and customer gateway. The similar services like compute engine, cloud run, cloud storage, memorystore, cloud build, cloudcode, cloudDNS, cloud armor, cloud load balancing, Cloud Nat, traffic director etc. are used.